About epažymėjimas.lt

Main administrative tasks that consume your time and money:

  • Pre-registration of participants / reservation of seats
  • Registration of participants upon arrival at the event
  • Issuing and printing of certificates
  • Delivery/mailing of certificates after the event

Now you can do all this extremely simply, quickly and for free.


How to start using?

Enter the event information and provide a list of attendees, and the system will generate Certificates and send them to attendees after the event.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Enter event information (+ Create event / certificate)
  3. Add participants or import Excel


Get started - It's free


How does it work?

Everything is extremely simple. After logging in to the system:

  • enter information about the event
  • select a certificate template
  • provide a list of participants

The system will generate the certificates and, upon receiving your permission, will send them to the participants by e-mail.

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